Staff Team

A quick overview of our Admin and Mod team

Clover - Server Owner

Clover (she/they) made a tik tok about wanting more friends to play minecraft with in early 2020 and BOOM suddenly we have a server and discord! For the most part her role in the server is promotion and discord events (and possibly a cult)

Neigh - Admin

Daisy - Admin

Daisy (she/they) is our wild card admin. She's in charge of in-game events and diversity, as well as the leader of the city of Evercrest. The technology stuff is lost on her, but if you need a builder or decorator, she's up for the challenge!

Zenfrii - Admin

Zen (he/him) is our technical admin and covers everything from server management to the website. He's also the leader of the city of Grayhelm! He prides himself on being ready to tackle any technical challenge, and is a wizard in-game at getting players what they need. Fair warning, he is prone to rants about social injustices.


Our mods help us keep things running smoothly on both Discord and in-game. Clovercraft's mod team is made up of talented builders, adept explorers, content creators, event hosts, and community managers who are the top of their game.

Our current Moderation team is:

  • Roopants

  • Doubles

  • Mango

  • Quinnabis

  • Snarky

  • Foxy

  • Lyila

  • Honor

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