In-Game Economy

Purchasing or selling in-game currency with real world currency is a severe offense that will result in being banned from the server.

Clovercraft has an in-game economy that functions separately from normal villager trading. Each player starts in the world with 500.00☭ available to them.

Players can spend money at villager shops, send money to each other directly, and earn money by selling goods to the banker.

Players are also welcome to open up their own player shops to sell items to other server members!

Essential Commands

The Banker

Located in The Capitol next to the donation centre, a small building is available with an NPC inside named "The Banker." Players can sell raw minerals and gems to The Banker in exchange for in-game currency. Please note that the prices and cooldown limits on The Banker are subject to change.

Setting Up Shop

All players are welcome to open up their own shops to sell and buy items. Clovercraft uses the Villager Market plugin to allow for easier trade between players. Simple instructions are available below, but you can view the plugin wiki for a detailed guide.

Please note that the player shop marketplace is governed by the Governing Council of clovercraft, which may publish and update regulations on the market from time to time. Up to date market rules are available at The Capitol.

Central Shopping District

We encourage players to locate their shop build within the Shopping District at The Capitol. Shopping District plots are available on a first come first serve basis, and can be claimed by creating a new ticket in the Discord server.

Shop owners at The Capitol must agree to the following terms and conditions to ensure the continued safety and build quality of The Capitol.

Shopping District Plot Agreement
  • Players may only claim a single undeveloped plot at this time. Exceptions may be made in the future.

  • Players are required to spawn proof their plot. The entire capitol is currently mob proof. As a condition of maintaining a storefront, the player must agree to maintain the island's safety.

  • Inactive players may have their claim revoked after a full month of being either out of stock, or having not developed the land. Notice will be given one week ahead of time by ticket channel. Any materials removed when a plot is forfeited will be held in the capitol for the player to retrieve free of charge.

  • If you would like to set up a shop outside of The Capitol you are welcome to do so, however, please be aware that this may negatively impact the number of players visiting your store.

Getting A Shop Villager

VillagerMarket Villagers are a special kind of Villager NPC that act as a stationary entity to facilitate player trades. Each shop villager has an inventory for storing products, as well as a shop menu for displaying your goods.

Shops come in multiple different sizes, which have different costs and purchase limits. While you can purchase up to 25 shops in total, we generally recommend limiting this to a small number to help keep lag down and keep from having your business empire become somewhat unmanageable.

You can purchase a shop villager spawn egg from the Shop Egg vendor, located in the same building as The Banker. Once you've purchased your spawn egg, find the location you want to place your shop.

To spawn your shop, stand where you want your villager and use (right-click) the ground with the egg. This will spawn your shopkeeper. If you need to move your shopkeeper, you can do so using the /vm move command.

You can edit your storefront by right-clicking on the villager. Detailed instructions for using the shop owner GUI are available on the plugin wiki.

To collect the profits from your Villager Market shop, simply visit your shop and click the golden ingot in the shop owner menu.


For visitors, villager market shops function almost identically to standard villager trades. The price and number of items being exchanged can be viewed by hovering over items in the storefront, and items can be purchased by simply clicking on them. You can only purchase items if you have enough money in your player account. Some shops (like our banker) even purchase items from players, which provides another way to make money.

Some shop villagers on the server are owned by the staff team, and will be clearly marked as an Admin Shop. Admin shops do not pay out to any given user, and simply collect the money made from their sales back out of the economy.

Purchasing from shops can cause a small amount of client lag. If you don't immediately see the purchase you made, wait a few seconds before attempting the purchase again to make sure you don't double up! Clovercraft does not guarantee purchases or sales on the server.

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