Game Mod Support

Clovercraft runs a PaperMC server, which means you can play on our SMP with a standard vanilla version of the game. That said, many players find that adding client-side mods to Minecraft greatly improves their enjoyment of the game. The Clovercraft SMP welcomes modded clients, with the following restrictions.

Prohibited Mod Behavior

  • Mods must be in compliance with the Mojang Terms of Service

  • Mods must not allow the player to violate the Clovercraft server rules

  • Mods may not enable X-Ray mining or similar mining techniques

  • Mods may not allow the player to impersonate other members of the server

In addition to allowing members to put together their own modded clients, Clovercraft also maintains two official modpacks for our SMP. You can read more about those below!

Available Modpacks

Clovercraft Quality-of-Life Modpack

Download URL:

The Clovercraft Quality-of-Life modpack adds a small number of mods to the vanilla game to make playing on our server even better. Navigate the world using both a world map and mini-map, set custom location markers, and even make use of our in-game proximity voice chat!

Included Mods

  • Fabric API - essential for running fabric mods

  • Mouse Wheelie - adds a variety of useful buttons and key combos for managing your inventory

  • Shulker Box Tooltips - hold shift to see what's in shulkers in your inventory

  • Simple Voice Chat - Our server-supported proximity voice chat

  • Xaero's Minimap - A highly configurable mini-map with entity radar

  • Xaero's World Map - A worldmap that pairs wonderfully with the mini-map

  • Mod Menu - Gives you a menu for your mods

  • Optifabric - Compatibility layer for Optifine

  • Optifine - Shaders and graphics improvements

Clovercraft Ultimate Modpack

Download URL:

The Clovercraft Ultimate Modpack includes everything from the Quality-of-Life modpack, along with extra tools for players who need that additional bit of power in their client. Including features for schematics, recording and editing clips, free cam, and a massive collection of advanced game information, this modpack covers everything you need.

Included Mods

  • Fabric API

  • Advancement Info - Gives you more information about your advancements

  • BetterF3 - Gives you a better F3 screen

  • Bobby - Expand render distance beyond server limits by storing chunks locally

  • Cloth Config - Library

  • Flight HUD - Get information about your flight angle, speed, and elevation

  • Iris - Shader support

  • Lamb Dynamic Lights - Add offhand lighting

  • Litematica - Create, manage, and place schematics

  • Lithium - Rendering engine optimizations

  • MaLiLib - Library

  • MiniHUD - Massive selection of world information tools

  • Mod Menu - Adds a mod menu

  • Mouse Wheelie - Various inventory hotkey tweaks

  • Phosphor - Lighting engine optimizations

  • Replay Mod - Record and edit in game footage

  • Shulkerbox Tooltips - See what's in your shulkers

  • Simple Voice Chat - Prox chat

  • Sodium - Graphics engine optimizations

  • Xaero's Minimap & Worldmap - See the map and add waypoints

Ultimate Modpack Requires High Performance

The Clovercraft Ultimate modpack requires a high performance computer. Your performance may suffer if you do not meet these minimum requirements:

  • Ryzen 9500x or better

  • 16GB DDR4 memory or better

  • GTX 1660 Super or better

Installing Modpacks


Using MultiMC

  1. In MultiMC, click "Add Instance"

  2. Choose "Import from Zip" in the menu on the left of the New Instance dialogue

  3. Name the instance whatever you like (I've named mine "Clovercraft")

  4. Copy the URL for one of our official Modpack versions listed above and paste it into the Import from Zip field

  5. Click "OK" to create the instance.

  6. That's it! You can launch the game by either double-clicking on the instance, or clicking on the "Launch" button with the Clovercraft instance selected.

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