Beyond Vanilla

The Clovercraft SMP runs on a version of Minecraft called PaperMC that allows us to add extra features and upgrades to gameplay on the server, while maintaining your ability to connect with a vanilla client.

This impacts the game in a number of ways, most of which are documented individually on each of the pages of this guide. Below you can find a summary of the various plugins, datapacks, and resources we use to enhance your experinece in the Clovercraft world. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Several plugins on the server exist simply to provide staff with appropriate management tools and anti-griefing protections, these plugins are not listed here.


EssentialsX provides many of the core enhancements that members of Clovercraft enjoy on a regular basis. Nicknames, colored text, teleports, home locations, warps, and much more are provided by the EssentialsX suite of plugins.

Villager Market

The Villager Market plugin provides an easy way to add NPC villager shops to our server that can be either player or staff owned. Players can create shops to sell items and collect in-game currency. Admin (staff) shops function in much the same way, but the currency they collect for sales does not pay out to any individual player.


In season 3, we've added the Bookshelves plugin, which allows players to store books, enchanted books, and book & quill items inside of bookshelves on the server. As an added bonus, players can increase the chance of getting certain enchantments from enchanting tables by filling the bookshelves surounding them with enchanted books of that type!

Citizen & Denizen

In addition to Villager Market shops, the Clovercraft SMP supports Citizen NPCs and the Denizen scripting language. These two plugins together provide us with nearly limitless options for creating custom functionality and experiences on our server. At this time, custom Citizen NPCs are reserved for staff use. However, the plugin does add the ability to set custom skins on your Villager Market shop. If you would like to apply a custom skin to your shop, please open a support ticket on our Discord server.

Armor Statues

The armor statues datapack allows players to place armorstands in a vast number of different positions, sizes, and orientations. This is mostly useful for decorative purposes. Xisumavoid has a great explainer video for how to use this datapack. This also allows for the use of invisible item frames, which you can create using the statues book.

Multi-Player Sleep

Only one player is required to be in bed to pass the night.

Fast Leaf Decay

Naturally occurring leaves will decay nearly instantly once they are no longer connected to a log.


This datapack adds a "grave" item to the game that drops instead of your inventory when you die. You can find this grave after you re-spawn and right-click it to retrieve your inventory.

Silence Mobs

Using a nametag to name any mob "silence_me" will stop it from making any noise.

More Mob Heads / Player Heads

This datapacks make mob head drops more common, and add a player head drop when you're killed by another player.

Wandering Trades

This datapack adds a variety of decorative mini-blocks to the trades available from Wandering Traders! No more useless llama deliveries.

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