Navigating the Server

Clovercraft is an open world server with no world border. While this leaves you a vast amount of space to explore, it can also make it pretty easy to get turned around.

To help keep players together, we've established a few major cities that you can always get to using their warps. All players are also welcome to set up to 5 of their own home locations to teleport to!

Essential Commands



List all available warp locations

/warp [name]

Teleport to a named warp


Set your primary home location


List your available homes


Teleport to your primary home location

/sethome [name]

Set a named home location

/homes [name]

Teleport to a named home location

/delhome [name]

Delete a named home location

/tpa [player]

Send a teleport request to an online player


Accept a teleport request


Cancel a teleport request


Teleport to a random location


Teleport back to your previous location

Major Cities & Warps

Each major city and Warp location is guaranteed to be protected from mobs. You can safely travel to any of the following locations without worrying about what you'll find when you arrive.


Teleport: /spawn

All players start their journey on Clovercraft in our spawn garden at The Capitol. If you're ever lost or in a bad situation, the /spawn command will get you somewhere safe and familiar quick.

Bullfrog Bayou

Founder: Snarky Teleport: /warp bullfrogBayou

A pirate city and smugglers cove based upon the spirit of adventure! Whether you be sailing the high seas or exploring the dangerous caverns below, our city is all about adventuring together and pooling our resources to build the most raucous, lawless city around! (Although we be pirates, we live by a code of honor, not to be despoiling or plundering other players builds and loot.)


Founder: Zenfrii Teleport: /warp grayhelm

Grayhelm is a high fantasy themed city that was founded by traveling craftsfolk. Coming from a long line of dedicated creators and scholars, the city has a focus on high end crafting and spiritual wealth. Our citizens are the best of the best in their chosen craft, and we take enormous pride in dedicated hard work. The Everflame sits at the tip of the Earth’s Anvil, and is our guiding light.


Founder: Neigh Teleport: /warp serpenfurr

Serpenfurr is a medieval, gothic themed city, inspired by European cities of the Middle Ages. Living on a mountain has made it’s residents tough-skinned fighters. But despite the appearance of a ruthless city with a temperamental leader, secrets lie at the heart of Serpenfurr that only her members will unlock.

Soulguard keep

Founder: MargraveMinette Teleport: /warp soulguardKeep

Deep below the crust of the earth, Soulguard Keep is a settled ancient city, made safe for the modern explorer. Soulguard Keep is not an official City-State of Clovercraft, but does offer members several highly valuable services. Within the ancient city, you will find a public villager trading hall, triple-spawner spider farm, and easy access to The End through the keeps dedicated End Portal.

Home Teleports

Home teleports are private, which means only you can use them. However, please note that staff can see your home locations and teleport to them if needed.

Each member of the Clovercraft server has the ability to set up to five personal teleport locations using the Homes system.

By default, the last bed you slept in is registered as your /homes bed location. This is where you will respawn if you die.

You can set your primary home location using /sethome and return to it from anywhere in the world using /home.

You can set 4 additional homes, on top of your primary one. To set a secondary home, use the command /sethome [homename] without the brackets. You can then return to that location at any time using /homes [homename].

To get rid of a home that you no longer need, you can use /delhome [homename]. If you use /delhome without specifying a home name, your primary home will be deleted.

Player to Player Teleportation

Please note that staff have the ability to teleport to your location without requesting permission. Staff will still request teleportation in most cases, but we reserve the right to teleport to your location without request if necessary.

All members have the ability to request a teleport to another player at any time.

To request a teleport, use the command /tpa [playername] with the name of the player you'd like to teleport to.

When you receive a teleport request, you will be notified in chat. To accept, simply type /tpaccept. If you do not wish to accept, you can safely ignore the request, or type /tpadeny.

If you mistakenly requested teleport permission from another player, you can cancel the request using /tpacancel.

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